Contact us

Please contact any of the following persons if you have questions about SIRA:s work! 
Thord-Ove Thordson, chairman of the board
Mona Angel, vice chairman of the board, responsible for visits
Hanz Linderyd, pending finance officer
Ekonomi- och finansieringsutskott: Gunnar Falkeby (convener), Kerstin Bjerhagen, Hanz Linderyd (pending) and Khalil Ansara
Insamlings- och kommunikationsutskott: Anna-Carin Persson Stenbeck (convener) Helena Fornegård, Thord-Ove Thordson, Tobias Andersson and Leif Larsson
Utbildnings- och personalutskott: Kristina Gustafsson (convener), Mona Angel and Gunnar Falkeby
Gunilla Ikponmwosa, special contact from Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan)